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Best Ways to Control Cockroaches In Your Home

The cockroach population in Sydney has an interesting lineage with German, American, Australian and native species of cockroaches residing amicably.Warm and humid places such as kitchens, bathrooms, and cupboards are the favorite hide-outs for cockroaches. They also inhabit places where food is aplenty, like under fridges, toasters etc.


Cockroaches are not choosy when it comes to what they eat, but they have a distinct liking for starchy foods. Pests tend to flock to areas where they can have easy access to food or where there is garbage. Your pet’s food bowls are an open invitation to cockroaches as well. So how can you rid your home of these pests? Here are some tips from the experts at Fair Dinkum:


Cockroach Baits And Traps


A simple way to effectively get rid of cockroaches is to use cockroach traps and baits. A single bait is often sufficient to attract the cockroaches. The breeding cycle of cockroaches is broken as the bait kills them.


Cockroach Bombs


It is not always easy to track down a cockroach infestation or their nests. Bug bombs are useful and you can use these as a preventive measure in areas that are presently cockroach-free. Here are a few things to remember about these bombs:


  • Read instructions about their use and precautions
  • Their residue lingers for 3 months
  • People allergic to chemicals and fragrances should avoid using bug bombs
  • It is important to cover children’s toys when these bombs are used in the home


Cockroach sprays are fast-acting and you can use cockroach repellents around all the entry points into your home to repel these pests. If none of these methods work, it’s best to call in professionals like us to handle cockroach control for you. For any more information about our solutions, feel free to call Fair Dinkum at 1300369176. You can also book pest control services via this form.


Importance of Preventive Pest Control Services

Spider Control

It is critical to hire pest control services to keep your property pest-free. Pests pose danger in many ways. They damage your home, cause health problems, and impact the look of your home. Therefore, it is important to opt for preventive pest control from professionals like us at Fair Dinkum. You will benefit in several ways such as:


  • Peace Of Mind- A pest infested home can be a living hell, driving you crazy and making you frustrated. When you engage us for preventive pest control services, you buy peace of mind and sound sleep as you get over the fear of pests overrunning your house.


  • A Home Sans Pests-Our pest control personnel are trained to identify the presence of pest infestations in your home or property. They are equipped with special machines, pest control products,and tools to ensure that pest infestations are tacked immediately and meticulously. Their goal is to keep your property free of any pest.


  • Safeguarding From Pest Created Diseases- Pests like rats, spiders, cockroaches, ants, birds etc. are disease-carriers. If you ignore the need for preventive pest control, you unknowingly risk contracting dangerous diseases. The only way to keep pests at bay is to engage an effective pest control service.


  • A Money Saver-As a property owner, you are interested in safeguarding your property from damage and lowering the maintenance costs. Pest infestations harm your property and your personal wellbeing in various ways. The money spent on an effective pest management service provides good return on investment as you have fewer repairs and maintenance to deal with.


We provide customised preventive pest control treatments and can handle projects of all shapes and sizes. For any more information about our solutions, feel free to call Fair Dinkum at 1300369176. You can also book pest controlservices via this form.