Carpet and Upholstery

3 bedrooms $80 plus gst
Extra bedrooms $25 plus gst each
lounge rooms $40 plus gst each
Staicase $30
Hall way $10

Minimum call out $70 plus gst

End of lease carpet pricing includes all stain treatment and deodorising, with service guarantee. No hidden extras.

Upholstery Cleaning

Steam clean, deoderize and sanites

Upholstery cleaning is $25 per seat e.g. 3 seater $75
Dining room chairs $15
Single Mattresses $20 plus gst
Double / Queen Mattresses $30 plus gst
King Mattresses $40 plus gst

Minimum call out $70 plus gst

Free quotes are available for all other steam cleaning on 0422 627 458.

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Stain Removal Sunshine Coast

Are you in urgent need of stain removal? There’s nothing more depressing than seeing your precious carpets or the upholstery of some prized item of furniture marred by a hideous stain. Unfortunately, accidents can happen so easily. A wine glass knocked over, a cat unable to get outside, a burst pen, oil patches on the soles of your shoes can all leave ugly patches that are hard to remove. That’s when you need to call in professional stain removal. Sunshine Coast is the beat of Fair Dinkum, the Sunshine Coast’s leading carpet and stain cleaning experts.

Fair Dinkum to the Rescue

Fair Dinkum can quickly remove all kinds of stains on carpets, sofas and couches, in fact, any kind of upholstery. We have years of upholstery cleaning experience and are experts in cleaning all kinds of furniture. Our high power cleaning systems can deal with virtually any kind of stain and make your carpets and furniture look as good as new. So much so that you’ll wonder if the stain every existed.

Odour Removal

For us, removing the stain is just part of the job. We also make sure we remove any odour at the same time. Odours such as cat urine, mouldy carpets and furnishing and suchlike can really make a home unpleasant to live in.

A Livable Home

Carpets are unequalled in their ability to bring style and cosiness to a home but you do need to careful with them. Likewise sofas, chaise lounges and couches are very vulnerable to stains that are hard to eradicate. Of course if you have children or pets, mishaps are inevitable. If so, you need to act fast.

Quickly dealing with stains can do much to reduce the damage and get your carpets and furniture looking pristine again. They’ll also extend the useful life of your home possessions. So whether you’re facing stains from ink, urine, blood, pets, rust or oil, or anything else, call Fair Dinkum for fast and economical stain removal Sunshine Coast.

If you want to be sure your carpets are totally clean and hygienic, contact a professional carpet cleaner. Sunshine Coast is serviced by Fair Dinkum, a professional stain removal firm covering the Sunshine Coast.