Fair Dinkum offers quality, discount pest control services across a whole range of common household pests. All of our work is guaranteed to be professional each and every time.

End of lease pest control pricing includes service warranty. No hidden extras.

Internal flea $70
External flea $70
Internal and external flea combined $95

General pest control (targets fleas, roaches spiders and silverfish).

Internal unit/duplex $90
Internal and external unit/duplex $115

Internal house $110
Internal and external house combined $140

We also offer a full range of pest control treatments using a range of barrier sprays and bait systems, as well as void and cavity treatments.

Free quotes are available for all your pest control needs on 1300 727 852.

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Pest Control Services Maroochydore

Few things make a home feel more dirty or unhygienic than the presence of unwelcome organisms. Finding your home infested with including fleas, bed bugs, dust mites, silverfish and other nasties is enough to make you want to move out. But don’t be hasty, there’s a simpler solution. Just bring in quality pest control services. Maroochydore is covered by Fair Dinkum Pest Control Services.

It’s important you deal with pests for the health and safety of your whole family. For one thing, pests drag down your whole living environment. The sight of a cockroach or a mass of ants is enough to put your off your food. What’s worse, pests can be responsible for allergies, skin condition and various health-related conditions.

Fair Dinkum to the Rescue

Fair Dinkum pest control services can quickly and safely rid your home of all the critters that have taken up residence there. Using organic agents wherever possible, our pest experts can eradicate existing creepy crawlies. We can also schedule inspections to make sure that if they try to come back, they’ll be made to feel very unwelcome.

Fair Dinkum’s pest control specialists always start by identifying exactly what pests are infesting your home. This is critical as different critters require different solutions. What works for bed bugs won’t work for silverfish, for example. Once identification is complete, we can begin the eradication process. We may need to steam and treat your carpets to kill dust mites, spray certain areas to kill fleas, and douse your skirting boards to handle silverfish, for example. It can take a while but we use gentle eco friendly agents wherever possible. Soon you’ll be able to freely use your home again. Thankfully this time without the presence of unwelcome guests in the form of pests.

Pests will always try to come back. Your home is a desirable place and they find it very comfortable there. Fair Dinkum can make scheduled checks for pests in your home and can take any necessary action immediately. If you want to be sure your home is clean and healthy, you need quality pest control. Maroochydore is serviced by Fair Dinkum. We offer professional services throughout the Sunshine Coast.