Fair Dinkum offers quality, discount pest control services across a whole range of common household pests. All of our work is guaranteed to be professional each and every time.

End of lease pest control pricing includes service warranty. No hidden extras.

Internal flea $70
External flea $70
Internal and external flea combined $95

General pest control (targets fleas, roaches spiders and silverfish).

Internal unit/duplex $90
Internal and external unit/duplex $115

Internal house $110
Internal and external house combined $140

We also offer a full range of pest control treatments using a range of barrier sprays and bait systems, as well as void and cavity treatments.

Free quotes are available for all your pest control needs on 1300 727 852.

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Pest Control Services Bribie Island

It can be very difficult to get rid of pest infestations in residences and anyone who has attempted to use off-the-shelf pesticides will know how true this is. These pesticides may get rid of the infestation, but before you know it, they will be back with a bang.  Not only do these critters get immune to the different sprays and gels that are used, but they evolve and build resistance too- this makes it very difficult to get rid of them even with the use of commercial pesticides.  This is exactly why it is important to opt for the services of a professional company like Fair Dinkum Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control.

When Expertise Matters

We provide very high grade residential Pest Control in Bribie Island.  The highly advanced detection techniques and formulations we use, help get rid of the infestation within the shortest possible time. What is even more important is that once we have completed our treatments, the pests will never return to your home. While some pests can be eradicated in one visit, multiple visits may be required to get rid of others. We have been in this business for a number of years and have provided excellent and effective services to thousands of customers across the region. We provide a range of Pest Control Services in Bribie Island:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas and spiders
  • Wasps & Spiders
  • Termites & Silverfish
  • Other pests

Why Choose Us?

Not only do pests cause damage to your property- many also carry diseases. When you opt for our specialised Pest Control in Bribie Island, you have peace of mind that your property is well-protected from these pests.  While we provide high grade services, we also ensure that the costs are reasonable and you get value for money. Customers opt for our services, because:

  • Guaranteed services
  • Effective and  prompt
  • Reasonable rates
  • Professional and courteous personnel
  • Clean and tidy work
  • Latest equipment and formulations
  • Dependable
  • No hidden costs

Call the Experts Without Delay

The one important thing to keep in mind about pests is that it’s best to call for Pest Control Services in Bribie Island the minute you notice any signs of pest activity or damage. The sooner we get to these pests, the easier it will be to eradicate their colonies. The fact is that some pests breed very fast and the longer you wait before calling for pest control, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

Multiple visits can add to the costs and it becomes a time-consuming and troublesome proposition for you too.  If you have noticed a pest infestation on your property, do not delay in calling Fair Dinkum Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control on 1300 369 176. You can also book a time via this form