Pest Control in Coolum

Regardless of how cleanly and hygienically you maintain your home, office or commercial property, there are times when pest infestations will surface. No doubt you want to get rid of them without delay. Fair Dinkum is a one-of-a-kind company that provides pest control in Coolum for residential spaces. We adopt a specialised approach to tackle any kind of pest infestation and ensure that all the indoor and outdoor areas on your property are pest-free.  If you notice any pest infestation, contact us without delay. The sooner we carry out the treatment, the more effective it will be.

Pests are a Health Hazard

We use highly-advanced equipment for detecting pests and regardless of where they are nesting & breeding; we will ensure that they are eliminated from your property. We provide guaranteed services and tackle pests such as:

  • Rats & rodents
  • Flies, bugs & other insects
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites & borers
  • Birds
  • Ants & spiders
  • Fleas, moths, bees and wasps
  • Other pests

It’s important to understand that apart from the fact that pests cause a lot of damage to belongings and your property, they also litter all the areas & spread diseases and are a health hazard. Don’t let pests affect the working of your home, simply call us for pest control in Coolum and we will provide you the best services at the most reasonable costs

 Why Choose Us?

  • Dependable and Prompt
  • Effective
  • Guaranteed services
  • Competitive rates
  • No hidden charges

If you want any kind of pest control in Coolum, call Fair Dinkum on 1300 369 176. You can also book a time via this form. We will visit your location, check the infestation and provide you with a reasonable quote and carry out the work to your satisfaction.