Fair Dinkum uses a budget-priced system that makes booking a service easy and transparent with no hidden extras. Our work is guaranteed to be professional every time.

Carpet and Upholstery

End of lease carpet pricing includes all stain treatment and deodorising, with service guarantee. No hidden extras.

  • 1 or 2 rooms $80
  • 3 rooms $100
  • 4 rooms $120
  • 5 rooms $140
  • 6 rooms $160
  • Extra rooms $30

Upholstery cleaning is $30 per seat e.g. 3 seater $75. Dining room chairs $15.
Free quotes are available for all other steam cleaning on 1300 727 852.
End of lease pest control pricing includes service warranty. No hidden extras.

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To enquire about carpet cleaning or pest control services, use the information below.

Carpet Cleaner Peregian Beach

Are you looking of an affordable high quality carpet cleaner, Peregian Beach way? You’ve come to the right place. Fair Dinkum offers a fast professional service to regularly clean and maintain your carpets, and effectively deal with disasters such as stains and water damage. We also offer a fully guaranteed, rental move out carpet cleaning service.

Keeping Your Carpets in Prime Shape

You vacuum your carpets weekly and take care to mop up spills fast. But over time, grit, dust, and other contaminants can work their way deep into the pile and eventually can cause damage. Other enemies that can damage your carpet are dust mites and mould. These can cause lead to health problems such as allergic reactions.

That’s why you need regular cleaning services from Fair Dinkum. We’ll come by once or twice a year, depending on your needs, and give your carpet a thorough cleaning that will leave it looking and smelling like new.

Handling the Toughest Stains

Accidents happen and you need to act fast to save your carpet from permanent damage. Whether you’ve been hit by water damage from a burst pipe, spilt wine from tipsy party guests, or your pet pooch has made a mess, call in Fair Dinkum immediately. We can quickly handle most kinds of stains, and restore and deodorise your carpets to pristine condition.

Dealing with stains is a job that needs the expertise of professionals equipped with special tools such as steam cleaners. Try to do it yourself and you could make your stains worse, and even ruin your carpets. For the best professional carpet cleaning, Peregian Beach way, get in touch with Fair Dinkum for impeccable service at a reasonable price.

When you call in Fair Dinkum, you’ll find our service is top notch. But check out our prices and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For homes we offer a friendly ‘by the room rate’. For commercial buildings, just get in touch for a quote.

All our prices include stain treatment and deodorising. Be assured, with Fair Dinkum, everything’s transparent and upfront and you’ll never be hit by any hidden extras.

For the best professional carpet cleaner and real estate approved, rental move out service Peregian Beach has to offer, get in touch with Fair Dinkum today.