Fair Dinkum uses a budget-priced system that makes booking a service easy and transparent with no hidden extras. Our work is guaranteed to be professional every time.

Carpet Cleaning

3 bedrooms $80 plus gst
Extra bedrooms $25 plus gst each
lounge rooms $40 plus gst each
Staicase $30
Hall way $10

Minimum call out $70 plus gst

End of lease carpet pricing includes all stain treatment and deodorising, with service guarantee. No hidden extras.

Upholstery Cleaning

Steam clean, deoderize and sanites

Upholstery cleaning is $25 per seat e.g. 3 seater $75
Dining room chairs $15
Single Mattresses $20 plus gst
Double / Queen Mattresses $30 plus gst
King Mattresses $40 plus gst

Minimum call out $70 plus gst

Free quotes are available for all other steam cleaning on 0422 627 458.

We accept the following payment options

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Carpet Cleaner Coolum

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner or rental move out service in Coolum, you’ve come to the right place. Fair Dinkum offers quality, discount carpet cleaning services across the Sunshine Coast. Here’s why you need us. Carpets contribute so much to a house’s liveability and cosiness. However they demand proper maintenance. Dirt, dust, and moisture can work their way deep into the pile and be very hard to reach with standard cleaning methods.

Spilt fluids and pet mishaps are other enemies of your carpet. Have you ever mopped up a wine stain or cat urine from your carpet but your nose told you it was still there? You’ll appreciate why surface cleaning is not good enough.  Another problem is the dust mites that like to burrow down into the pile. Their excrement wafts into the causing allergies and other health problems. Mould is another pathogen that flourishes deep in the thick fibres of your carpets if they’re damp.

If you value your carpets, you really need to take care of them. This is especially true if you have children or pets. Young children are prone to spilling things. They also love to play on the carpets so proper hygiene is vital.

What Can You Do to Clean Your Carpets?

Regular vacuuming helps keep the surface of your carpets clean. But it’s not enough to reach deep down into the pile. Steam cleaning can offer deep cleaning and help eradicate pests such as dust mites. But for total carpet cleaning and hygiene, you need a fast drying, professional service.

Fair Dinkum to the Rescue

Fair Dinkum offers a system that’s powerful enough to clean thoroughly, while being gentle enough to keep your precious carpets safe. As professional, licenced cleaners, we use the best equipment to handle your carpets. This includes powerful truck mounted machines that really get to the root of your carpet cleaning problems. You may pay extra for a carpet cleaner Coolum. But the improvements in your family’s health and quality of life make it a bargain. When you factor in the together increased life expectancy of your carpets, it’s a no brainer.

If you want to be sure your carpets are totally hygienic and safe, or require a real estate approved rental move out cleaner contact a reliable, quality guaranteed carpet cleaner. Coolum is serviced by Fair Dinkum, a professional carpet cleaning firm with licenced operators covering the Sunshine Coast.